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Hi I’m Coach Jim Mason. I have over 30 years of playing, pitching and coaching experience on multiple levels. Using the knowledge I have gained through the years along with scientific studies I have created an arm development program that all pitchers, regardless of age, will benefit from. Serious pitchers spend much more time preparing to pitch than actually pitching in a game. When I was growing up in southeastern Pennsylvania playing through the little league ranks, into high school and then on to college there was not a lot of emphasis on pitch training or pitching lessons. Most instruction was done through team coaches, parents or just natural ability. While all those things are great and still help we have reached a new day! With advanced study on sports science now bigger than ever kids are stronger, faster and more sport specific training is available. Training has come to the forefront of sports and players are starting at younger ages.

My result driven, step-by-step, 365 day Superior Arm Development program will focus on scientifically proven training and arm development techniques to increase velocity, build core strength, improve arm strength, improve your weaknesses, prevent injury and solidify pitching mechanics. Welcome to Superior Arm Development. The new day starts now!!!!!

Players will utilize to track, follow-up and communicate with coaches. The fee for EduFii is $60 a month (separate purchase).

Players are required to purchase a training tool package at the beginning of their program. The tools in the package are necessary for the player to improve their swing performance. The package includes:

  1. 6 ft PVC Pipe
  2. 6 Plyo Weighted Balls
  3. Power Core 360 + Bungee Cords


The first lesson is always a player evaluation to determine how the swing performance patterns are organized.

Player Evaluation & Analysis Cost $90

  • 4D Motion Biomechanical Screening
  • Throwing Performance
  • Squat Performance
  • Functional Mobility Performance
  • High Speed Video Analysis
    • 240 fps
  • Arm Speed & Strength


Lessons are an hour long and include strength and mobility training, elastic stretch development, and swing pattern development.

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Monthly $180, Player Evaluation $90, Single Class $25, Weekly $50