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Product Description

Balance Bats are Knob Weighted training bats that increase hand & bat speed, Time to Impact, and Swing Tightness. In addition, the Balance Bat improves Top Hand Roll Over, Bottom Hand Drive, Swing Path, and Extension, while reducing Bat Drag, Bat Casting, and Wrist Flips.

The G-Balance Bat is a game ready bat. The G-Balance Bat applies the same swing principles as the training bat, but with a lower profile extend knob. The G-Balance Bat is intended for professional, college, and high school players.

With the support of the extended knob the G-Balance Bat improves hand & bat speed, hand pivot, time to impact, and overall swing tightness. In addition, the Balance Bat improves top hand roll over, bottom hand drive, swing path, and extension, while reducing bat drag, bat casting, and wrist flips.

Additional benefits include:

  • Keeping the Hands Inside the Pitched Ball and the Bat Barrel inside the Hands
  • Progressive Acceleration with Hands
  • Controlled Air Flow
  • Late Wrist Drive
  • Allows back elbow to drop into proper Launch Position
  • Hands stay short through swing
  • Increasing Space between the Hands and Hips
  • Establishing a Swing  Pivot
  • Increasing Hand and Forearm Strength

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Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs
Balance Bat Size

32", 33"


Ash, Maple

Barrel Paint Color

Natural Wood

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