April 2016

Balance Hitting Announces the Balance Bat FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Coatesville Pennsylvania – Balance Hitting has created a new product called the Balance Bat, for the purpose of helping baseball and softball players increase swing speed, while reducing bat sag, casting, and drag. Both full-size and one handed training bat will be available May 20, 2016. Balance Bats are Knob Weighted training bats that increase hand & bat speed, Time to Impact, and Swing Tightness. In addition, the Balance Bat improves Top Hand Roll Over, Bottom Hand Drive, Swing Path, and Extension, while reducing Bat Drag, Bat Casting, and Wrist Flips. The Balance Bat uses an extended knob to move the balance point of the bat. Using physics to determine the correct balance point reduces the torque of the bat and allows the hitter to feel the correct swing positions. Although the Balance Bat is heavier than a normal bat the location of the balance point allows the bat to feel lighter, and hitters do not have to worry about the barrel weight while practicing their swings. There is nothing on the market today that allows a young hitter to feel and understand the correct swing positions. Vince Belnome, Tampa Bay Rays "I really like using it as a one-handed training tool for my top hand as it allows me to feel the right position for my top hand and not have to worry about the weight." Balance Hitting is a startup baseball company that focuses on helping baseball and softball hitters understand how to improve their swings with the support of advance technology research.