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Motor Learning
20* Launch Angle Focus
Pattern Focus

Myelinated neurons are faster than in Unmyelinated neurons

Whether you follow Ted Williams, Charlie Lau, or even Coop DeRenne’s hitting approach, the hitter must understand his/her strengths and weaknesses. As stated, each approach has certain elements, but in the end a hitter will combine many of the elements into his/her own kinetic energy.

DeRenne states that when a hitter is successful, components such as visual, biomechanics, and exercise science are the contributing factors (DeRenne, 1993). A major league hitter swings a bat at 1000 meters/per second. The only way that this happens is if the hitter has a sound kinetic swing chain. This chain has links and each link relies on both the previous and post connections. Once a hitter ends his/her weight shift and the lead foot lands and begins to rotate around a firm front leg, one kinetic link ends and another starts.