Balance Bat Research

Balance Hitting uses a patent pending training bat called the Balance Bat. What makes the Balance Bat unique is the design of the knob, which takes in consideration how the weight is distributed, the air resistance drag coefficient shape, barrel diameter mirroring, and additional patent pending propriety design processes. Anyone can put a ‘Ball’ of […]

Pitching Thoughts

The Art and Science of pitching is often discussed in terms of mechanics, but in our mind “Balance” is the beginning and ending bookends to the conversation. We work to achieve U-L Balance. U-L Balance is creating an “X” Factor between your “Upper” and “Lower” Body. This “X” Factor creates additional velocity when your unwind […]

Dynamic Warm Up

The dynamic warm up should take 10 to 12 minutes. Your distance is 10 yards. Some exercise has a partner exercise and should be completed together. Monster Kicks + Cradles Knee Pulls + Double Taps Knee to Opposite Walk Torso Rotation Lunge + Side to Side Lunge + Lunges with elbow to opposite knee Overhead […]

Core – Med Ball Conditioning

Developing explosive linear and rotational power is critical for the two of the most valuable skills in baseball: bat speed and throwing power. Both of these movements require a powerful rotation of the hips and core to transfer power from the lower body up to the arms. Try throwing a ball or swinging a bat […]

Overcome Pitch Velo

Velocity is key today’s baseball game. At all levels of play coaches and players seek “Speed” with pitching. This is normal as we understand how to generate arm speeds that exceed yesterdays norm. What is not being coached is how to overcome “Max Velo” as a hitter. Balance Hitting believes that today’s hitters are just […]


Hitters must TRAIN to HIT

Balance Hitting understands the importance of training all players regardless of their age or ability. Such training focuses on Functional moves that either develop, reinforce, or correct the proper movement patterns. Baseball and Softball patterns include forward, backward, side – side, change in direction, acceleration, deceleration, and weight shift. We target a Joint to Joint […]