The Balance Hitting Performance Institute is a comprehensive research driven hitting program that uses the Balance Bat, wearable sensors, multiple high speed cameras, and Ground Reaction Force Plates to analyze every element of your swing.

We conduct hitting performance scientific research and development. Our goal is to use both sound research and an established hitting approach to improve all hitters.To support your swing changes we use an Under - Over - Interleaving training approach. Our evaluation process is:

  1. Talk - talk to the player to get a deeper understanding on what they think their swing looks and feels like
  2. Warm Up - the player will go through a 15 minute dynamic and swing warm up
  3. Video - the player will complete 5 swings and each swing will be captured with a high speed camera array
  4. Exit Speed - The player's Exit Speed will be caputred 
  5. Swing Numbers - the player will use a Diamond Kinetics & Motus Global Sensor to capture swing performance numbers
  6. Bio Mechanics - the player will use 4D Motion Notch's to capture their swing chain
  7. Force Plate - the player will complete a series of Vertical Jumps off a Force Plate to capture their Ground Force Reaction
  8. Trainer will:
    1. Trim Video
    2. Watch player video 5 + times
    3. Note player swing performance observations
    4. Mark up video & match swing numbers 
    5. Develop a player development and correction program
    6. Re-evaluate at the end of 8 weeks

Biomechanics is the engine that drives how a player moves and swings. The lower body acts as the stabilizer for the swing; while the core transfers body speed through the hands and out the bat.

Swinging a bat is an unnatural, complex body movement requiring a high level of acceleration and body rotation to deliver the barrel of the bat onto a ball. “Hitting is a fluid sequential motion involving two movements working in tandem(DeRenne, 7). Balance Hitting uses four absolutes (DeRenne, 15) for one simple reason; the research makes sense.

Concepts that you will learn and use include:

  • Learn Concepts what you are trying to change and why you are changing
  • Under & Over Swing Training for both mechanical efficiency improvements and bat swing speed increases
  • Swing Progression is start your hitting routine with 50% effort move to 75% effort and end with 100% effort
  • Interleaving is mixing up your swings by changing bats, drills, pitch location, and ball speeds every 3 to 4 swings
  • CUBE hitting is understanding that the strike zone has 27 spots
  • Core Strength Training to develop a stronger upper and lower body separation
  • Synchronized High-Speed Three-Camera Video Analysis  to isolate strengths and weaknesses
  • Hip Mobility and Stability Drills to improve your range of motion and speed

Our main goal is to increase your Batted Ball Exit Speed (BBES). In the end, your BBES is a key element of your swing; based on swing science. There are a number of technologies and training bats that allow a hitter to groove their swing.

We use the following tools: Balance Bat, Kinovea Software (Measure - Bat Speed, Hand Speed, Bat Path, Vertical Bat Attack, Center of Mass Movement, Body & Head Positions), Skillspector Software (Kinematic Sequence Evaluation - 24 Points of Reference), Hip Accelerometer, Force Plate: Ground Reaction Force, Impact Force Bag, and Radar (Record batted ball exit speeds).

Dr. Chris Yeager's approach to using the ground to create effective power. Dr. Yeager's four phases are:

  • Back Leg Load - Back Leg Push (GFR) - Front Leg Block - Front Leg Push

Swing" research. Dr. Fortenbaugh's research included:

  • 43 Double-A Major League players - 8 high speed cameras - 6 swing phases - 28 kinematic measurements that included 6 GFR readings. 
    • Balance & Dominate Eye
    • Player Timing Approach / Method
    • Ground Force Resistance
    • Front Hip Rotates Around a Solid Front Leg
    • Lower & Upper body separation
    • Hands inside ball
    • Balance

Dustin Lind 

Hip Shoulder Separation