Arm Development Approach

Throwing a baseball or softball is natural, but not easy. Understanding that the only way to throw effectively is to throw correctly. With today’s research and improved video and bio-mechanical technology we can teach and reteach how to throw correctly in an easier manner.

Developing arms from youth to pro is always the same from the point of view that the development program should translate to long term care. 

The goal of the Balance Hitting Throwing Program is to help players sustain their velocity and endurance throughout their season. Building stamina with proper mechanics can be achieved if the player is willing to dedicate themselves to a sound program. This program uses a number of training manipulates that include, but not limited to: Weighted Balls - Medicine Balls - Wrist & Ankle Weights - Exercise Bands.

Balance Hitting following the teachings of Alan Jaeger (Long Toss), Kyle B0ddy (Driveline Baseball), and Eric Cressey (Cressey Performance) as each have studied and continue to study what is best for all players regardless of age and skill. 

Consult your doctor before you take on any physical activity and/or program. If you ever feel pain, stop your workout, rest, and evaluate why you have pain. Balance Hitting works to develop throwing and not pitching. 

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